Audio is the
perceptive dimension of the future.

Audioboost drives the audio revolution through
compelling martech solutions.

About Audioboost

Audio Tech lovers

  • We invent tech solutions to built and manage through Audio the same business model applied for Web
  • We nurture Text-to-Speech knowledge and AI focus to Natural Language Process
  • Our ideas are Patent Pending in Italy and EU
  • Audioboost is an italian innovative Startup supported and financed by EU through Sistema Puglia SpA.

The first audio martech company to connect Audio and Web

Our Audio Identity

The Audioboost logo was born as Sound. Based on the Colour of Sound Theory, the graphic logo originated accordingly.

The Audioboosters

We shape the transition of the to Audio online by building
original Audiences who are identified by new metrics we have full control upon


Work with us

We believe in people who are keen on contributing to make life better.

We are a home company with two operative offices in Bari and Milan. Our work philosophy fosters our employees' well-being, inclusiveness and professional growth.

Send us your application if you are:

  • Web Developer if you are Javascript and React lover
  • Marketing Manager if you have an international perspective
  • Product Quality if you love language structures
  • Sales Manager but only Digital Audio fan