About us

Audioboost is the first audio martech entirely focused on the audible transformation of online editorial products.

Audio is the perpective dimension of the future.

Audioboost doesn't just occupy it: it creates it, shapes it and modifies it thanks to its technological and flow solutions invented by us.

Nata nel 2021, Audioboost è la prima martech interamente focalizzata sull’Audio che si pone come obiettivo di rivoluzionre il mondo del digital audio attraverso tecnologie proprietarie innovative e avanzate.

Audioboost combine the best Gen AI solutions available on the market to create a unique olistic Platform SaaS for Premium Publisher and Corporations, Blogs with accessibility needs and monetization goals.

Audioboost is an Audio Platform developer for Premium Web Magazines to allow them to:


Get a complete Editorial Audio System based on Text-to-Speech and Smart Generative Voices


Manage an inventory for Digital Audio Advertising and obtain a new revenue stream for Publisher


Create a distribution Platform on the web for seeding Original Podcasts and targetize contextual, large Audience


Give to Publishers a new audio dimension for their textual contents so they can be enjoy through streaming Podcasts and Audience Web can be converted in Listeners Audience.


Audioboost wants to become the gate-keeper company of the audio dimension, creating technologies that act as a technological connection between audio and the web in a revolutionary way.


Audioboost is a remote work company based in Puglia with staff and collaborators distributed throughout Italy and abroad.
2 local working station:
  • Bari
  • Milano

For other information or to work with us please contact us

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