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Reach your target Audience planning our Network Audio. In-article Podcasts are more effective

Pay only Attention

Reseaaches find that Audio Ads in Podcasts outperform 8 times better than Videos in terms of attention.

Thanks to Digital Audio a new metric is born: Seconds of Attention.

Attention is directly correlelated with Convertion Sales

Attentive second per Mille Impressions (APM) will be our KPIs in the future

Audio Ads in Podcast generate more seconds of attention than any digital media: video, TV or digital Display.

A perfect advertising experience:

our Audio Ads are not intrusive nor do they generate excessive advertising crowding.

Speakup-Article™ has integrated a patented system for dynamically distributing audio ads into In-Article podcasts to capture listeners' attention:

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Audioboost Marketplace is the solely Network in the world based only on In-Article Podcast

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