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Leader in audio conversion of online content with proprietary technology.

The evolution of Text-to-Speech

Our framework with proprietary TTS, advanced phonetics and dynamic audio ads.

Speakup-Article™ is a holistic platform for reading Premium Content based on our proprietary version of Text-to-Speech (TTS), specific Neural Processing Language (NPL) phonetic rules and a dynamic insertion ads System.

Why choose Speakup-Article™

AI Voice Generator

Speakup-Article™ is able to read any languages and specialized content with a perfect disambiguation between different phonemas and languages in the same text. Our AI-Voice Generator can support your Vocal Avatar.

Audio CMS

Manage and host your in-Article Podcasts without any added costs. No Audio pre-production control is needed: only editorial choices drive the setting of steps from a completely automated to completed manual work flow.

Dashboard for Analytics

For a new dimension you’ll have your KPIs to analize: Total Streaming, hours of listening, total in-Article Podcasts, Listen Through Rate. You’ll see the top ten Audio Article listened and any editorial information related to engaging of your users.

Audio Player

On your WebPages Speakup-Article™ is a simple Audio Player that Publishers can customize


Our Artificial Intelligence manage your in-Article Podcasts in several way. Speakup-Article™ collects a complete updated list of 10 new in-Article Podcast integrated in each Player.

AI-Skill Alexa™

Your preferring list of in-Article Podcasts can be integrated on your Skills on Alexa™. Speakup-Articel™ CMS can select lastest in-Article Podcast and send them to a specific Skill you created. Updated to lastest version.

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