contextual Audio

Here it is.

Only in our In-Article Podcast is possible create perfect IAB classification for contents.

The contextual audio is now possible.

Thanks to our algorithm for Text-to-Speech we scan each of any content of more than 3Million of content flew in our CMS.

The Best Contextual Audio

We build real time custom segment thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Contextual Audio is 10 times more efficient than a standard plan.

Artificial Intelligence assigns to In-Article Podcast the right semantic categories between the 800 IAB ones, to run contextual Audio Ads or composed the Playlist.

Contextual Audio vuol dire

Build your custom segment! and select only contents releated to them.

Contextual Audio garanteed:

Brand Safety

Protect the integrity of your brand and reach your desired audience safely and effectively

Premium Content

Place your brand only in suitable contexts, maximize the impact of your advertising campaign on a quality audience

Interested Audience

Contextual audio connects you with a carefully selected and genuinely interested audience

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your audio campaigns?

Contact us to find out more about contextual audio: the new frontier of audio campaigns.

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