Monetize your in-Article Podcasts in the Audioboost Marketplace

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We make audio monetization a high-quality, contextual experience

With our unique patented audio announcement and audio seeding system, you increase your RPM by 30% for each audible content. Our patented technology adapts audio ads to the average listen time of In-Article podcasts, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

Choose Audioboost for quality, contextualization and brand safety.

Give more value to your contents

1. Diversify the Revenue Stream

Audio Ads and AudioSeeding ensure +30% RPM growth for each audible content.

2. No Intrusive Ads

Thanks to our patented technology, insertion ads are balanced on the average listening time. No preroll, No interruption, No cluttering.

3. High quality and Contextual Ads

Audioboost selects only high-quality audio ads. Our dynamic technology fills audio spots with a contextual ads and Best Brands.

Requirements for our MarketPlace

To join the Audioboost Marketplace some criteria are requested:


More than 3Millions Page View monthly for domain


Contents written by a professional editorial staff


Articles must be longer than 1500 characters.

Come and discover the future of Audible Advertising with Audioboost

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