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Get thousands of organic listens directly from websites by broadcasting your original podcasts with Storycast.

The innovative solution that transforms websites into podcast distribution platforms for Podcasters.
The only Audioseeding platform on the web with:
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Benefits of Storycast

How to best enhance and monetize the audible potential of your online content


Use your Site as a distribution Platform

An Audible Site with integrated Speakup-Article™ in its pages becomes a Distribution Platform for Original Podcasts thanks to the integrated Playlist. Some Slots are dedicated to linking sponsored Podcasts with audioseeding that can be listened to directly on your site, without users leaving.

Increase organic listeners

Your organic users become an added source of listeners without major cost of marketing promotion. The conversion of your Audience in streaming increases number of listeners certified through third-party platforms.



Plan amplification on Storycast

Are your organic listeners not enough? Don't worry: Storycast brings together a large number of websites where you can plan to amplify your original or branded podcasts on a contextual basis

Earn much money with Playlist

As Audible Site your Playlist is settle for hosting audioseeding: if your allow other Podcast Producer to seed Podcast on your Playlist each streaming will be paied to you.


Find out how to Transform your Site into a Powerful Podcast Platform

Ask us how to make your site audible and take advantage of the opportunity to earn from Storycast listeners.
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