Give value to your assets

Create, distribute, manage your Audio Content
Speakup-Article ™ is a SaaS to convert
any online content into Podcast.
Suitable for Advanced Publishers.
No manual editor flow is needed.
It includes:

Audio CMS, to organize and preserve original texts and audio files. Podcasts and Playlists are published via customizable rules.

Audio Data Analytics related to website streaming, organized by domain, listening preferences and audio KPIs .

Audio Player reproduces audio in streaming on your Web Page.

Playlist is Player integrated and increases sequential listening to support in-page stay.

Speakup-Article™ makes your site more accessible

The Audio version of your Corporate Website according to the Accessibility Act.

Podcasts generated via Speakup-Article™
are integrated with SmartSpeaker!
  1. Your custom Skill integrated with Speakup-Article™
  2. Real time updates
  3. Easy, intuitive and customized voice interactions
  4. Your Data Analytics integrated with Speakup-Article™