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In page Speakup-Article™ only sends technical data such as: image URL, link URL, HTML structure, CSS attributes. Events such as: clicks, interactions, pages viewed, number of users and sessions are monitored. The above data do not include any personal information and cannot be associated to any user.

No Cookies Needed

Cookies are not used to operate Speakup-Article™. Therefore, users' preferences and behavior in relation to the Player are not saved on our servers.


The Speakup-Article™ is a simple code that can be easily implemented either manually or via your CMS.

We recommend inserting the Player immediately above the 1st paragraph.

The setup of your Speakup-Article™ Suite takes 2 to 3 days per domain. The synthesization of an entire site might take a few minutes up to a few hours, depending on the number and length of contents..

Yes, it can. Home Pages, Image and Video Gallery, Forums, pages with short content, Dynamic content pages, Classified might not be eligible content.

Speakup-Article™ is not recommended on short content pages, galleries, or contents created by non-professional authors.

Yes, they can. Publishers have full control on Podcasts. Publishers can withdraw a podcast and re-synthesize later.

No. The Player's behavior and implementation have no impact on the website's CLS and are compliant with Google's giudelines.

No, it doesn't.

Speakup-Article™ is recommended to load in asyncron-mode. No slowdown in loading has been detected by our tests.

The Speakup-Article™ is able to recognize text which is eligible for reading.

The Analytics Dashboard provides granular and cumulative information on listenings and interactive behaviors related to synthesized and published Audio contents.

Yes, you can. It depends on your subscription plan.

Yes, you can according to your subscription plan.

Yes, you can according to your subscription plan.

Speakup-Article™ is an editorial technology. It does not represent a new advertising slot not should it replace a pre-existing advertising position.

Yes, you can. It depends on your subscription plan.

Yes, you can. It depends on your subscription plan.

Give accessibility to your content

On 27 May 2022 Italy approved the European Accessibility Act (EAA) which integrates the “Legge Stanca” (Legge n.4 del 2004).

From 28 June 2025, the obligation of full accessibility to the contents and services provided via websites, mobile applications and electronic equipment as well as by the Public Administration will be extended to new sites or related updates by Private Companies.

Among the numerous solutions suggested by the EAA, it is recommended that no website or digital service is limited to a single mode of interaction, so that written content must also be accessible through audio reproduction