Tired of hearing the same
synthetic voices?

Tired of the same synthetic voices?

Use your voice to read any content!

Audioboost created GIAVA the Generative Human Voice program that allows the perfect cloning of the human voice and its integration into Speakup-Article™ to read any online content in real time

GIAVA brings Audible sites to the frontier of full voice customization

It is possible to choose the speaker's voice, or use your own voice, to create exclusive and distinctive Voice Avatars compared to any other artificial voice.

You can get your Voice Avatar in 3 steps:


We record your original voice professionally


We create the perfected vocal model with Audioboost AI



We integrate your perfected Speech model into the Speakup-Article™ via API

Thanks to the seamless integration with Speakup-Article™ it's possible to give voice to any online content, accessible from desktop, tablet, and smartphone

It will be a chosen voice, identical to a human voice or your own voice that will enhance the reading text is recognizability.

Who Chooses a Voice Avatar?

Anyone looking to customize the audio of their WebMagazine, Blog, or simply read articles from the Editorial Director or their Branded Content can select a speaker and use it for reading through Text-to-Speech enabling the generation of AI-Speech Podcast.

Advantages of Using a Voice Avatar

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With GIAVA you can have all Speakup-Article™ Suite plus your Voice Avatar.

You’ll choose from selected Human Voices or use your voice.

Audioboost's proprietary algorithms allow you:

Guarantees of quality and safety

Use GIAVA for all your audio content:



Branded Content



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