What is the Speakup Article© "Network by Audioboost?

It is the Podcast Audioboost network monetized thanks to audio advertising and based on the technology patented pending called "Speakup Article©".

Is there a minimum volume of page views to enter the Speakup Article©”Network?

A minimum of 3 million page views per month is required. Contact us for clarification!

If I am not "eligible" for the Speakup Article©" Network or I am not interested in advertising monetization, can I implement the Speakup Article©" on my site?

La tecnologia  Speakup Article©” è disponibile per qualsiasi editore o Publishing Creators. Nel caso di siti che non sono interessati alla remunerazione pubblicitaria del servizio o dai ridotti volumi, lo Speakup Article© viene implementato con una piccola setup fee variabile in base ai volumi.

How do you report revenue from Speakup Article©"?

In our Analytics Dashboard under login. Data are referring to audio requests sold and the revenue generated.

How much does the Speakup Article©" cost?

The implementation is free if based on the revenue share from advertising revenue.

How much effort does the integration of the Speakup Article©" involve?

The Speakup Article©” is a simple Javascript that can be easily put anywhere on a web page either manually or via a CMS.

How long does it take before having the first Podcast with the Speakup Article©"?

The setup of your content in the A-CMS takes about 48 hours. The synthesis of your articles takes place in few minutes, it depedens on the total volume.

Does any content on my site generate a Podcast?

Yes, with the exception of Home Pages, Image and Video Gallery, Forums, pages with poor content, dynamic content pages, Classified.

Are there any types of sites or pages where Speakup Article © is not recommended?

The solution is currently not recommended for AMP pages and One Web Page sites yet.

Is Podcast publishing immediate and related to any content?

Podcast generation and publishing are two distinct stages in our system. The publication is related to some rules relating to the minimum length of the article, to the traffic generated by the page i.e.

If I integrate the Speakup Article©”, can I customize the content publishing rules?

The publisher mantains the control of its content also as Podcast, you may decide to unsubscribe the podcasts you don’t like.

Does the integration of the Speakup Article©" increase advertising crowding?

Speakup Article©”is first of all an editorial technology. It should not be integrated in place of a pre-existing advertising position.

Does the Speakup Article© adversely affect the site's CLS parameter?

The opening of the Player takes place only after the user clicks, being a voluntary action by the user it does not negatively impact the CLS according to the Google guidelines.

Does the Speakup Article© burden the page load further?

Il player chiuso è grande appena 400x50pixel e pesa 25kb. Nei nostri test non sono risultati rallentamenti nel caricamento.

Can I customize the look&feel of the Speakup Article©"?

It is possible to prevent its floating behavior or sticky (Mobile version only) in the different layout forms (open or closed).

If I am not satisfied with the quality of a Podcast, can I inhibit it?

In your dashaboard, you can inhibit the publication of a Podcast you do not like.

What parts of the page are included and not included in the Podcast?

The Speakup Article©” is able to recognize the title, the subtitle, the useful text. It synthetize only the useful part of the text for audio ignoring other parts.

How much does the A-CMS cost?

The cost varies according to the levels of customization and the volumes generated by Podcast. Do not hesitate to contact us!

What information can I have regarding self-generated Podcasts?

The analytics system provides information on the total number of Podcasts listened to, the total number of listenings for a single Podcast, the average length of the Podcast, the average listening length (LTR) and the % of Completed.

What is the difference between Speakup Article©"and A-CMS Audioboost©?

The Speakup Article©" is the technology behind the Network Podcast Audioboost monetized through advertising sales and A-Seeding. The A-CMS Audioboost© is the SaaS solution made available to Content not eligible for monetization with high level of customization .