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Hand the floor over to your Brand when your Audience is listening.
We distribute your advertising message on Podcast Premium only and towards active and receptive Audiences.
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We deliver precise Contextual Audio planning to match Target Audiences and brand values. Discover our planning opportunities.

Automotive, Business, Entertainment, Food, Green, News, Local News, Sport

Oltre 800 Categoria IAB o per elenchi keyword scelte

Proximity Target (Local News, Geo IP, micro and macro regions)

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Improve Brand Awareness through Audio
Improve Engagement
through Video

An exclusive retargeting tool to reach audio-exposed users via digital video or display formats

First-Impression Audio to reach the target
Second Impression Display improve memorability and engagement

Main advantages:

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Thousands of organic native listenings, by spontaneous audiences
Contestualizzabili in base agli interessi e alle affinità semantiche